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2008     • “Echo from the East, homage to Hokusai – Series of WAVE, NYCoo Gallery, New York, USA
2007     • “Keiko Nelson” Beni Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.
2005     • “Echos from the East” Gallery, b.sakata garo Sacramento,CA.USA
2003     • “Wave ” Craft & Cultural Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA. USA
  • Craft & Cultural Arts State of California, State of California Office Building-Atrium.
2002     • “Between East and West” Oakland Museum Sculpture Court at City Center. Oakland, CA.
2000     • “Keiko Nelson’s One-person exhibition” Heiankaikan, Kyoto, Japan.
  • “Birth=Weave” Metropolitana University Museum Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • “Birth=Weave Motion” San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA. USA
1999     • Copper and Gold” Art Robe Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
1997     • ‘Inner Landscape” Dojidai Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.
1996     • Flora Lamson Hewlett Library, Louis Kahn Building, Berkeley, CA. USA.
  • Sogo Art Gallery, Sogo Department Store, Hong Kong.
  • Gallery Kocyuraku, Kagoshima, Japan.
  • In Collaboration, Kagoshima, Japan.
1995     • Gallery Artpreciation, Central Hong Kong.
1994     • Gallery on the Rim, San Francisco, CA . USA.
[In conjunction with International Sculpture Conference]
1993     • Frank Lloyd Wright Gallery, Marin Civic Center, CA. USA.
  • Foundation Interayluda, Quito, Ecuador.
  • Universidad Veracruzana Galeria, Jalapa, Veracuz, Mexico.
1990     • Gallery Gallery, Installation-Space and Landscape, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Gallery Sho, Diary of Landscape , San Francisco,CA. USA.
1989     • Gallery Maronie, New Works-Keiko Nelson, Kyoto, Japan.
1988     • Ministry of Culture National Center for Fine Arts, Keiko Nelson, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Cairo Opera House Gallery, Keiko Nelson, Cairo, Egypt.
1986     • White Art Gallery, Inner Landscape, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Beni Gallery, Inner Landscape, Kyoto, Japan.
1984     • Miyawaki Gallery, Early Spring, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Beni Gallery, My Garden, Kyoto, Japan.
  • White Art Gallery, My Garden-Monotonic Garden, Tokyo, Japan
  • Gallery Konko, Keiko Nelson-Tsukamoto Show, Kamakura, Japan.
1983     • White Art Gallery, Constructed Landscapes-Part One, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Gallery Okazaki, Constructed Landscapes-Part Two, Kyoto, Japan.
[In conjunction with the International Paper Conference Kyoto, Japan.]
1982     • Miriam Perlman Gallery, Just for the Color of It, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • White Art Gallery, Landscape-Part One, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Beni Gallery, Landscape-Part Two, Kyoto, Japan.
1980-81     • Pace Price Gallery, Nawashiro, San Francisco, CA. USA.

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2009     • 2009 “A Place of Her own” De Young Museum, San Francisco,Ca.USA.
2008     • Oakland Air Port exhibition, by Pro Arts. Oakland, Ca.USA
  • Sculpture Exhibition , Shanghai Art Wxpo, Shanghai, China.
2007     • 2007 Exhibition of “NYCoo gallery Open Art Contest,Winner &Result. New York,NY.USA
  • “Metamorphosis” Green Rice Gallery, San Jose, CA. USA
  • ART EXPO, Shanghai, Shanghai, China.
2005     • “Art Passages East Meet West County”
  • The Arts & Culture Commission of Contra Costa County and Richmond Art & Culture
  • Commission ans Richmond City Hall, Richmond California,USA
  • “Accumulate Allusions” San Pablo Arts Gallery, San Pablo City, CA.USA
2004     • Art Expo, Shanghai, China.International Sculpture Competition’ Shanghai, China
  • (S)kinship:African American & Asian American Connections, Smo Arts, San Francisco, CA. USA.
2003     • “Art/ Basel /Miami Beach, The International Art Show, Miami Beach, Florida, USA
  • “Making Their Mark” Asian American Women Artist, SomArts Cultural Center, SF, USA
  • Pacific Rim Sculpture Group. Summer Juried exhibition, San Francisco Design Center, Atrium. Juried by Stephen Oliver, Oliver Ranch Sculpture Collection, Ca.
  • “Revealing Influences” Museum of Craft & Folk Art, SF, CA.USA
2002     • “Box Art, Art Box” ProArt Gallery, Oakland, CA. USA
2000     • Gallery Ciel, American Women Artist Exhibition, Utsunomiya, Japan.
1999     • Richmond Art Center, Space of Nature, Richmond, CA. USA.
  • Armory Center for the Arts, Space of Nature, Pasadena , CA. USA.
1997     • Hugo de Pagano Gallery, Diversity, New York.
  • Museum of Chiapa de Corzo, Installation, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Oakland Museum, Beyond the Shadow, Oakland, CA. USA.
  • Janet Turner Gallery, National Print Competition Exhibition, U.C. Chico, CA. USA
  • Institute Franco-American, Rennes, France.
  • Japon/Mukashi To Ima, San Jose, Costa Rica. Museo De Arte Y Diseno Contemporaneo
1996     • Contemporary Art Museum of Kagoshima, Art Live ’96, Installation, Kagoshima,Japan.
  • Contract Design Center, The Pacific Rim, Juried by Peter Selz, San Francisco, CA. USA.
  • Icon of Power [received award prize], Manor Gallery, Peninsula Sculptor’s Guild,
San Mateo Art Council, Belmont,Ca.USA.
  • The Art Source Resource Center, Wired, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
1995     • International Art Exposition, Art Trends ’95, Hong Kong.
  • Harborfront Center, Contemporary Art of Japan, Toronto, Canada.
  • Gallery Gallery, Contemporary Art of Japan, Kyoto, Japan.
1994     • Santa Monica College Art Gallery, One in Eight: Women and Breast Cancer, CA. USA.
  • Blackhawk Gallery, Sculptor Exhibit-Pacific Rim Sculpture, CA. USA.
  • South of Market Culture Center Gallery, Asian-American Women Exhibition, San Francisco.
1993     • Galeria Museo Mission Cultural Center, Printmakers, San Francisco, Ca.USA.
  • Claudia Chaplin Gallery, Mixed Media Exhibition, Stinson Beach, CA. USA.
  • Sogo Department Gallery, American Mixed Media Exhibition, Chiba, Japan.
  • Seibu Department Gallery, American Mixed Media Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
  • California Book Gallery Exhibition, Women Printmakers, Sponsored by The Mayacamas Press, San Francisco, Ca.USA.

1992     • Fukuoka Museum of Art, California Paper Artists Exhibition, Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Mitukoshi Department Store Gallery, California Artists, Chiba, Japan.
  • Art Concept Gallery, California Society of Printmakers Membership Show, Walnut Creek, CA. USA.
  • Joan Roebuck Gallery, Mixed Media Exhibition, CA. USA.
1991     • Mitukoshi Department Gallery, California Artists, Sendai, Japan.
  • Sogo Department Gallery, California Artists, Chiba, Japan.
  • Syntax Corporation Museum Gallery, Japanese Art in America, Palo Alto, CA. USA.
  • Synopsys Corporation Gallery, California Artists Group Exhibition, Palo Alto, CA. USA.
  • Berkeley Art Center, California Society of Printmakers Show, Berkeley, CA. USA.
  • Art Works Gallery, California Society of Printmakers Show, Fair Oaks, CA. USA.

1990     • Hearst Gallery, Artists of Contra Costa County, Saint Mary’s College of CA. USA.
1988     • Miriam Perlman Gallery, Oriental Influences, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Japan Gallery Walt Disney World, Contemporary Works, Orlando, Florida. USA.
1987     • Lang Gallery, New California Printmaking-Selections from Northern and Southern California, Scripps College, Claremont, CA. USA.
  • California State Polytechnic University, Contemporary Art of Paper, USA
  • The Imadate Exhibition, International Contemporary Art of Paper, Fukui, JAPAN
  • Gensler and Associates, Architects, Impressions, San Francisco, CA. USA.
1986     • International D’accueil de Paris, Kala Trace Exhibition Foyer, France.
  • Miriam Perlman Gallery, The Educated Monoprint, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan/California Exchange Show, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Los Angeles Design Center, L.A. Printmakers Membership Show, CA. USA.
  • San Francisco State University, Cutting Edge, Juries by Robert Johnson, CA.USA.
1985     • Weinstock’s Department Store, Contemporary Japanese Artists in California, Sacramento, Ca. USA.
  • Kyoto Municipal Museum, International Impact Art Festival ’85, Japan.
  • San Francisco Art Festival, Contemporary Art Exhibition, San Francisco,CA. USA.
1984     • University of California Library, Artist Book Show, Los Angeles, CA. USA.
  • Miriam Perlman Gallery, Feeling and Energy, Chicago, Illinois. USA.
  • Amaury-St. Gilles Gallery, Women Printmakers in Japan, Tokyo, Japan.
  • White Art Gallery, American Artists Show, Tokyo, Japan.
  • White Art Gallery, Gallery Artist Show, Tokyo, Japan.
  • San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, 70th California Society of Printmakers Annual Membership Show, San Jose, Ca. USA.
2003     • San Francisco Art Institute,Printed Matter/An Artist’s Approach, Ca.USA.
  • Soker-Kaseman Gallery, Artist Book Show, San Francisco, CA. USA.
  • Winniger Gallery, Handmade Paper, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Ankrum Gallery, California Artists Show, Los Angeles, CA. USA.
  • Heller Gallery, With Print and Mind, University of California, Berkeley, CA. USA.
  • Marin County Civic Center, California Society of Printmakers Show, Mill Valley, CA. USA
  • White Art Gallery, Gallery Artist Show, Tokyo, Japan.
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