Commissioned Work


2008     • Installed 9 feet Natalia Makarova’s bronze Sculpture at Zelebach Hall in UC Berkeley,
2007- 08     • City of Richmond Public Art Project, Richmond Art Commission, Ca. USA
  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Club Lounge, Spa and Business Center, Tokyo, Japan.
2006-09     • Five edition of 6 feet bronze sculpture for ‘ Cal performances’ Berkeley, CA.USA
  • 3 feet and 16 inches Bronze sculpture for San Bruno, Senior Apartments project. CA. USA
  • City of Richmond Public Art Project, Richmond Art Commission, Ca. USA
  • 4 feet Bronze sculpture for Rancho San Dontowllo, Cupertino, CA. USA
  • Mixed Media painting for International House of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
2005-06     • Dancing Wave” Bronze sculpture for The Grand Theater, Shanghai, China
  • Wall Mural project, The Grand Theater, Shanghai, China
  • Pudon Sculpture project, Shanghai, China.
  • “Velsurch” sculpture consultant and art supervisor
  • Sculpture fountains. Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition, San Mateo, CA. USA
  • Wall sculpture, Washington Hospital Health Care System, Fremont, CA. USA
2004-05     • Bronze Sculpture Fountain, ElderCare Alliance Alma Via of San Rafael, CA. USA
  • “SEQOUIA” Elderly people’s home, San Francisco. CA. USA
  • Pudon Sculpture project, Shanghai, China.
  • Four site: Metal Wall Relief and Bronze fountain: outdoor and indoor lobby Atrium.
2002     • Wall Mural, relief stone casting, Fruitvale Commercial Center, Oakland, and CA. USA
  • 28th Annual Berkeley/Albany Festival poster, Berkeley, CA. USA
2001     • Bronze Fountain Sculpture, Shinji Syumei Kai of America, Pasadena, CA. USA.
  • Children Museum, Okinawa County, Okinawa , Japan.
2000     • Wall relief Bronze Sculpture, Hotel Nikko San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. USA.
  • Book Cove ,Tail of Murasak i, Koubunsya Pablication , Tokyo , Japan.
  • Color Consultation of General Children’s Educational Environments, Albany, CA. USA.
  • Children Room Color Consultation, YMCA Day Care Center, Oakland, CA. USA
1999     • Wall Tapestry, textile Art for Lobby, Hotel Nikko San Francisco, San Francisco, Ca.USA
  • Mixed Media Painting, Wedding Reception Lobby, Weston Hotel Yukari, Japan.
1998     • Mixed media Art Work for the Lobby. Hotel Nikko San Francisco. San Francisco, CA. USA.
  • Web Design Art Director for Nikken Sekkei Architecture Co. Tokyo, Japan.
1997     • Paintings for the Lobby and Other Public Spaces, JRR Hotel Granvia Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Mixed Media Paintings for the Entrance Room, Takara Sake Museum, Berkeley, CA. USA
1995-96     • Silk Scarf Designs, Pacific Success International Limited, Hong Kong.
  • Folding Screen Design Carved from Japanese Cedar.Kopion Company, Kagoshima, Japan.
  • Yakusugi Cedar is an International Treasure and national treasure in Japan
  • Glass Designs, Sugahara Garasu, Chiba, Japan.
1994     • Wall Relief, Painted Cast Plaster, Paris Hotel Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Wall Relief, Painted Cast Plaster, Odawara Hotel, Odawara, Japan.
1992     • Foot diameter Wall Metal Sculptures for outside building and Stained Glass window for the Center. Shinji ShumeiKai of America, Pasadena, CA. USA.
1991     • Monotype, Painting, Nagasaki International Hotel, Nagasaki, Japan.
1990     • Cast Paper, Wall relief, Kaiser Hospital, First Floor Lobby, Oakland, Ca.USA.
  • Cast Paper, NTT International Corporation Project, Tokyo, Japan.
1989     • 3m x 8m Mosaic Glass Tile Mural, Cairo University Children’s Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Light Fixtures Designs, Maxray Co. Published 1990) Osaka, Japan.
1988     • Echoes Through Time, 3-D Mixed-media Sculpture for 400 Sq. Ft. Display Area,
EPCOT Center Walt Disney World Showcase. Orlando, Florida. USA.
1987     • Art Works for two restaurants at Hotel Nikko San Francisco. San Francisco, CA. USA.
1986     • Four Graphic Art Posters (Design in Cast Paper) Personality, Inc., Osaka, Japan.
1984     • Book Cover Design Tou (Novel by Aya Kouda)Shincho-Sha Publishing Co., Tokyo, Japan.
  • Sliding Door, Collage of Hand-made Paper, Architecture by Hiroyuki Wakabayashi,
Kyoto, Japan.
1982     • Book Cover Design Toki No Kabe (Novel by Mitsuo Nakamura)Shincho-Sha Publishing Co., Japan.
  • Book Cover Design Shi No Eda ( Novel by Mitsuo Nakamura) Shincho-Sha Publishing Co., Japan.
1981     • Cenizas #11 Cover Design (Photo Etching )-New York State Library Standing Collection.
  • Set Design, Ubu Bound (by Alfred Jarry). Durham Studio Theater, Berkeley, CA. USA.
1977     • Book Cover and Illustrations, Always Comes Evening (Poetry by Robert E.Howard), Underwood/Miller, Inc. Publisher, Oakland, CA. USA.
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